Inception Infographics

11 September 2010

Inception_Infographic_by_dehahsI really enjoyed Inception – it was amazingly ambitious and amazingly original. I know if I had tried to convey such an intricate story using film, a linear medium, it would have been an incoherent mess.

Many infographics explaining Inception have popped up all over the ‘net. This is my favourite so far.

My little quibble with these infographics are that they explain the dream within a dream within a dream (and yes, within another dream) structure – the structure that, for me, needs the least amount of explaining.

What I really am interested in are the so-called ‘rules’ of this universe –

The Kicks

I thought only 1 kick would wake you from all dreams, I was surprised to find several kicks were required to take you up a level. It seems to me there was no way Cobb & Saito could have ‘woken up’ if several kicks are required.

The Totems

If I remember correctly Mal interpreted a forever spinning top as indicating a dream state. Shouldn’t she have been able to spin a top in reality, watch it fall over, and realise there was no further waking up necessary?

The Projections

So your sub-conscious populates the world with ‘people’ who attack the mind’s intruder. Cobb warns Ariadne in their teaching session that she’s changing too much about the world and that they’d attack her. I don’t remember them doing that.


Could Cobb move from his limbo to Saito’s limbo to save him? Weren’t they in 2 separate dreams?

All in all, I loved this movie, mostly for it’s large scale ambition – I’ve been a Christopher Nolan fan from his first black-and-white feature, Following, through to Memento, and The Prestige and now this. I came out of the cinema reeling – I couldn’t walk straight or think straight.


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