Shock and Awe: Never works

I am upset that a political Facebook Fanpage should print the following:

Contrast this with how Gayelle handled the same photo:

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Pepper-e Picks up Gold for Digital Marketing

“Digital marketing is now a critical element of the integrated marketing communications mix.” says Aisha Williams of Pepper-e, the Digital Marketing arm of Pepper Advertising. “About 53% of Trinidad’s 1.2M population is now online. You have to ask yourself if you’re missing out on having conversations with a substantial segment of the population.”

Pepper Advertising’s 2-year old Pepper-e division, was recently honoured with a Gold Award at the 2009-2011 Advertising Agencies Association of Trinidad and Tobago (AAATT) Creative Excellence Awards. This is the first time that Pepper Advertising has entered the Awards.

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Pepper-e wins a Gold Award at the 2011 AAATT Awards

On Thursday 14 June, 2012 Pepper-e for Digital Marketing won its first ever Advertising Agencies Association of Trinidad & Tobago Award for its work on UWI Fete 2011’s Digital presence.

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Funniest Super Bowl 2012 Ads

Humour can be a great way to tap into emotion and remain memorable. Car manufacturers, Doritos and the use of animals, pets or children tend to big hits in Super Bowl ads, they are winners today.
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Go! #PR9Anya! Go!

Sex tape? What sex tape?

By appearing on Lifetime’s Project Runway and making it to the final 5, Anya Ayoung-Chee has rewritten her “one thing.”

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Venus, for the Love of a Goddess

We’ve grown accustomed to the multi-hyphenate celebrity. J.Lo… sorry, Jenny from the Block… sorry, Mrs Marc Anthony springs to mind as one of the most prominent of these. In the building of her brand empire she’s become a dancer-singer-actress-perfumer-designer-tv-judge-producer. But given various mantras, for example the Jack of all trades, Master of none adage, is it possible to really be known for all these roles?
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Digicel vs bMobile in a Kick-up

Ding! Ding! Ding! Round 1 goes to…. bMobile?

bMobile is ‘kicking’ up some fun at Digicel’s expense. A bMobile branded street fighter is seen knocking out ‘Redz,’ dressed down to his face paint as Digicel’s ‘Iron Top Up’ character. These two ads came head to head (as it were) in Sunday’s Express, Digicel occupying the back cover, with bMobile almost occupying the inside cover.

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On Set & At the Beach

Trying to film a video for a client at the beach. A 10 minute shoot took about 3 hours due to rain delays.

I was reminded of the good old days, shooting on 16mm film with a wind-up Bolex Camera.  I swore I’d never shoot with film again! Now I’m going to forswear off shooting entirely!

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Advertainment: Advertising disguised as Entertainment

Advertainment, or branded content, explained by Wikipedia as being form of marketing where advertising is distributed as entertainment, with a highly branded quality. Personally, I first encountered this form of marketing with BMW’s The Hire series in 2002.

Chanel Nº5′s heavily invests in this form of marketing. Their take on advertainment features major film directors producing extravagantly long TV ads. The directors are often paired with their muses or favourite actresses – who are all extraordinarily well-known.
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BMW’s The Hire Series

One of the great marketing campaigns of this millennium, BMW’s The Hire was lauded for its embrace of online marketing and branded content. On April 26, 2001, the now defunct launched with a series of short films available for viewing. Clive Owen played The Driver, a man who goes from place to place, getting hired by various people to be a sort of transport for their vital needs.
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Stone Cold to Teary Eyed

What does it mean when I’m stone cold and unaffected by the birth of children, the joy of marriage, the solemnity of death, and barely blink at the cutest pets/babies/animals, but I can’t stop sniffling over the purchase of my new iMac?

Tears are in my eyes, just thinking about opening the box and lookingat 27″ of glory for the first time. I can’t write anymore because I can barely see the screen…

Social Media Marketing Done Right

It’s so great to get recognition for something you’ve worked hard at to do well. Today is a good day because I received unsolicited rave reviews for my efforts. It’s been a hard 2 weeks of work, but this one day (almost) makes it worth it.
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